This is what author Denise L. Baker has to say about her book Living in the House of Blues, a first-person view of the life and times of her father, blues legend Lonnie Brooks: “[This book is all about] my dad’s calm spirit, gentle soul…his nine children [and more.] This is my story of growing up in the house with a blues legend, how I witnessed his career excel, witnessing the good times as well as the bad. [It is of memories of] when we didn’t have much to eat and remembering the spelling on the bottles of generic ketchup and Mayo we [put in sandwiches in lieu of] eating steaks and vegetables. [It is about] remembering dad having to comb my hair for school, giving me two extremely tight braids that wouldn’t lay down, that got me chased home and beat up by classmates.

[This book records] my dad’s first trip to Europe, his first televised appearance on “Hee Haw” hosted by Roy Clark, while my siblings and I sat on the floor watching the show waiting for him to come back home with the paycheck, and with haste so that we can eat. He even appeared on “Soul Train” hosted by Don Cornelius in Chicago. [My cousins] and I, at an early age, choreographed dance moves to a song dad wrote called “The Flip” based from “The Flip Wilson Comedy Show” in the early seventies. [I lay witness to the] countless times…my dad’s music [was] being used without his permission. Often a happy man, we all knew [that] when someone had upset dad, it had to be really bad for him to get very angry. I could always tell when he was hurt about something because his heart would definitely rise on his sleeve. Through it all I just want to express my point of view of the love my dad has for his music, his song writing, his guitar, his dignity, his Dream and his family.

Growing up with my dad being on the road [was] a long haul of getting where he wanted to be in his career,[there were] things that happened to me that he has no clue about. [These were] events [that happened as I was growing up] from a child to an adult. With guided decisions and protection [from] my Guardian Angels, [I have sought] to seek freedom within myself [so that I can] share my story with you today…


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Writing this book I have learned to be true to myself and trust that I will not regret the chances I take for my reputation among my family members…

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Living in the House of Blues is a book written by Denise L. Baker the daughter of Blues Hall of Fame inductee Lonnie Brooks…

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